Welcome to the Psychotherapy practice of Tara Dwyer.

None of us are likely to forget the year 2020.  A global pandemic, a series of tragic and provocative world events, and the new normal of self-isolation, physical distancing, and remote everything.  Who could have imagined how much life would change in the course of a few months?  We are all being challenged to find new ways to survive and cope at a time when many of our tried and true options are limited.  There is an overall increase in feelings of stress and anxiety in our communities, and it can be hard when the people around us have different ideas about what to do to keep safe.  All of this can challenge even the most resilient person.

I can provide a safe connection where you can share your concerns and your struggles about your personal relationships, your family, your work, and your self. I will listen to you with my full attention, and I will help you to deepen your understanding of yourself to define goals for your future. I will support you through these difficult times and the process of making and living through change.

Psychotherapy is a designated time that you set aside for yourself to focus on your specific concerns.  In 2020 some of us have been forced into an abundance of alone time that we are wondering how to use.  Some of us are being challenged more than ever to make private time for ourselves with no distractions.   A therapy session is an opportunity for you to prioritize your own mental health and emotional well-being.  In these times of unprecedented change and uncertainty about the future, more than ever we need to take care of ourselves and find ways to progress from surviving to thriving.  In the midst of all the hardships, every day I hear  stories of people who are caring for others, creating opportunities, and embracing change; you can find a way to be part of this too.

If you are struggling or feeling stuck, I hope that you will reach out. Sometimes people find that even a single session can meet their needs, provide some clarity, or shift their perspective on an issue. For others, establishing an ongoing professional connection becomes part of a larger support system that can be accessed on and off as needed over the long term.

I look forward to speaking with you and hearing your story.