Psychotherapy Services

For Couples

I work with couples who are building new relationships or adjusting to a new stage in a long-term partnership. I work with couples who are married, common-law, or otherwise established. I am queer-positive.

For couples who share common overall goals for the relationship and are seeking to resolve conflict, repair from a relationship injury, or deepen the connection between them, I propose Emotionally Focused Couples Therapy.

For couples who are uncertain about the future of the relationship, where one or both are leaning towards ending the relationship, I recommend a brief process of Discernment Counselling to more fully understand what has happened to the relationship and develop the clarity to make a confident decision about what to do next.

For Families

I work with clients of all ages in a family setting. I support families with school-aged children who are struggling to manage strong feelings, respond to difficult behaviour, cope with family transitions, or navigate problems at school with peers or other aspects of the education process.

I work with families of adolescents who need a safe place to talk about difficult relationships with parents, partners, peers or others. I help young people to explore tough choices ahead, or repair from mistakes they have made. I speak with teens who generally want to feel more happy and calm.

I work with parents who are looking for solutions in their relationships with their children from toddlers to teens to and beyond. I speak with parents who are on their own, who are co-parenting with a spouse or an ex, or who are negotiating the unique considerations of blended families.

I work with adults who are supporting aging parents and siblings, while balancing multiple life demands.

For Individuals

I work with people who are struggling with difficult relationships. I support clients to develop and maintain healthy relationships with family, friends, employers, colleagues, and others.

I work with people who are negotiating the challenges of significant life transitions. I support clients through the grief of losses such as death, illness/disability, divorce, and other change.