Marriage Preparation

In partnership with Humancare Associates, I have previously offered a 1-day couples workshop for partners who are preparing for a lifetime together. This program was originally designed for couples who are engaged to be married, however much of the course content is also relevant to couples in the second year of a committed long-term partnership, or who are within the first year or so of marriage. The course provides up-to-date information about why some marriages succeed and others fail, and about how to build and maintain a satisfying, stable, and loving relationship.  It is based on the research and experience of well-known relationship experts such as Dr. John Gottman and Dr. Sue Johnson.

This program is the equivalent of a productive 7-hour conversation about your hopes, expectations, and dreams as you prepare for your future together. As a couple, you will share in program activities designed to engage you in increasing your mutual understanding of each other through a series of guided topic discussions. You can expect to spend most of the time speaking just with your partner. You can expect the opportunity to explore familiar topics in more depth. You may agree with your partner that some of the information presented is not relevant to your relationship. The workshop provides an opportunity for you both to focus on each other for an entire day with no distractions, and to have fun learning.

Currently the course is only available in online format.

If you have questions about whether this workshop is right for you, or if you would like to register, please call 905-841-3173 or visit